Our Services

Services provided by STAVRON cover the full range of planning and design, execution, implementation, organization know-how, post-implementation services, project management, consulting, operations and training. The activities of the company also comprise the marketing of patents, as well as it keeps contact with a large population of innovators, owners and utilizers.

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The company covers all fields of innovation: suggesting high-tech solutions, providing professionals with special knowledge, as well as large-scale references and practical experiences gained there.

Fruit Production

Cherry is currently one of the highest priced and demanded fruit species both in European and the world market. The demand...


Grape Production

A rapid development has been observed in grape production and production technologies in the last decade. The demand for wine...


Vegetable Production

Vegetable production in Hungary has a great tradition and excellent results within the horticultural sector. Many countries...


Production of Propagating Material

The demand for healthy (chemical and GMO-free) organic foods has increased in recent years. STAVRON has developed fruit and...


Forestry Projects

Desertification could accelerate due to climate change, inappropriate land use and extended period of drought. These circumstances...


Environment Protection and Water Management

The economic operation of intensive horticultural and fruit production systems is...