Grape production

A rapid development has been observed in grape production and production technologies in the last decade.The demand for wine and table grapes, has increased in almost all parts of the world.

The consumption of red wine has become popular and a growing number of customers are looking for white and red table grapes. To satisfy the growing and changing needs, the reconstruction of existing vineyards or establishing new modern ones is recommended.The existing vineyards in many areas show lower vine density - it is usually a consequence of plant diseases, pathogens plant pests - or being outdated (old varieties, poor technology). Many countries do not have their own propagation material production systems (grape understocks, rootstocks and graft nurseries) and as a consequence must largely import the vine propagation materials, grafts.

Hungary’s grape understocks, white wine grape and table grape varieties are considered unique in the world. STAVRON recommends the introduction of these varieties. Hungary’s seedless table grape types are excellent, our production technology is world class.

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