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STAVRON recommends the adaptation of high-yield (3t/ha) and high-quality crop walnut production technology including Hungarian bred varieties and hybrids.



Cherry is currently one of the highest priced and demanded fruit species both in European and the world market. The demand for premium quality cherry (diameter 24+ mm) is practically unlimited.



Apples, the most important fruit species of the temperate zone, are available allyear- round, vitamin-rich, fiber-rich. In Hungary, the industrial apple cultivation and variety research has more than 100 years of tradition.



Apricot is a popular and beneficial dietary fruit due to its unique flavor and aromas, high potassium, carotene and fiber content. In addition to fresh consumption, it can be processed in various ways (dried fruit, brandy, bottled fruit, juice, pastry).



Hungary has a long tradition of European-type plum growing. The gene centers of several varieties (Besztercei plum) can be found here. Plums can be processed in many ways (boiled fruit, jam, drying, brandy production, etc ..) and can be consumed fresh as well; it is a popular fruit.


Sour Cherry

The cherry is known throughout the world as a fruit consumed fresh and in processed forms. Its high-quality cultivation and large-scale spread is the most significant in Europe and Central Europe, including Hungary.

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