Today’s big challenge is the sequestration of harmful air pollutants (carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, nitrates, etc ..) and reducing the number of sandstorms and preventing them altogether.

We recommend the use of technologies developed by Hungarian experts to stop, reduce and resolve these damaging processes. We recommend plantations of specific forest tree species (such as acacia, elm, specific tree species, plants) , and the adaptation of technology developed for this purpose.

STAVRON recommends the adaptation, application of the Hungarian acacia cultivation, plantation, propagation technology.

Desertification could accelerate due to climate change, inappropriate land use and extended period of drought. These circumstances pose a threat to agricultural production and water supply. The development of environmental protection, the ecological approach, the creation of a green economy almost everywhere has come to the forefront.

As a solution to stop desertification we propose the adoption of acacia afforestation successfully established and applied Hungary. Often acacia is planted in order to protect the soil from erosion and preserve water quality. Acacia is also planted in order to reduce air pollution as harmful dust adheres to its leaves. For this purpose, it is planted in towns and villages and in their surroundings, as well as around mines, factories triggering air pollution and along railway lines.

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